Marks czech and slovak hallmarks for gold, silver and platinum goods.

Images of hallmarks

hallmark 4
(so called lapwing)used for
585/1000 fineness until the year 1993
Official emblem
big and small
to designate ingot
X – letter of workplace

In addition to the current Czech hallmarks, all hallmarks that were valid in history in Czechoslovakia and and did not show a lower fineness than the lowest fineness for each of the precious metals specified by the Hallmarking Act (§3, paragraph 2) are valid. These are the Austro-Hungarian, Czechoslovak, Protectorate and Slovak Republic hallmarks. For example hallmark 4 (so called plover) used for 585/1000 fineness until the year 1993. It does not apply to hallmarks, which were introduced during the Second World War on Czechoslovak territory, occupied by foreign countries (Austrian, Polish and Hungarian marks).

There are also hallmarks in our country of The Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals (Hallmarking Convention), see http://www.hallmarkingconvention.org/.

HERE you can find pictures of Czech conventional brands, the other member states of the Convention have their own similar brands.

After the accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union were gradually recognized hallmarks of some Member States of the European Union, as of the date of this text update (6. 1. 2016) they are selected hallmarks of Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Ireland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Great Britain.

For details, please click on the following link: Recognizing foreign hallmarks in the Czech Republic (czech only)

In connection with the establishment of a number of the new Assay Office workplaces it seemed to be necessary to introduce a differentiation of the hallmarks within the individual workplaces using miniature letters: P-Praha, J-Jablonec nad Nisou, B-Brno, O-Ostrava, T-Turnov, R-Tábor, Z-Plzeň, L-Olomouc, H-Hradec Králové, K-Červený Kostelec. These letters are placed near the fineness number and are orientated uprigt to the vertical axis of the hallmark, thereby becoming different from the marks stamped by the Assay Office of Slovak Republic, as its marks, otherwise being identical, contains miniature letters orientated parallely with the vertical axis of the hallmark. This differentiation is applied step by step, the present marks will be used until the reserves are exhausted. The goods shall be deemed to be regularly hallmarked, no matter which workplace or Office has carried out their hallmarking, and other testing or marking of them is not required.