Services at the receipt office in Prague:

Valuation of jewellery:     Monday     14:00 - 17:00       

Gemological counseling:  Wednesday  9:00 - 12:00       

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Reciept of materials from precious metals submitted for melting in Prague - a time reserve for the reciept of material over 200g (1 hour before the end of the opening hours)

The hallmarking is one of the oldest activities for the ensuring of the consumer's protection, but however it was developing in various countries differently in connection with their different economical and political developments. In the course of the years since its establishment, the Czech hallmarking system has achieved a good position in the society thanks to the expertness and good professional level of the work, which helped the hallmarking to survive all the political, social and war shocks, which our state had to pass through, at an acceptable level.

Mission and Legal Status

Assay Office as a body of the administration authority performs the state control in the field of hallmarking and precious metal testing. It was established by the Czech National Council Law No. 19/1993 Coll., about the Bodies of Administration Authorities of Czech Republic in the Field of Hallmarking and Precious Metal Testing, from which the Assay Office competences and duties are resulting. The provision of the financial refundment is included in the Law about Hallmarking and Precious Metal Testing (Hallmarking Act), No. 539/1992 Coll., and in the procedural Decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO), No. 363/2003 Coll., according to which the Hallmarking Act is implemented.

  • The tasks of the Assay Office are:
  • to perform the hallmarking inspection at manufacturers and retailers of precious metal articles and impose sanctions against them where defects have been found;
  • to test or in other way determine the fineness of the precious metal articles or other items made of precious metals;
  • to deal with the goods acquired by State according to special regulations or international treaties;
  • to carry out, if required, the expert activities in the hallmarking field, precious metal testing and analytical chemistry and in precious metal economy and to make comments on the proposals of the Czech technical standards in the field of testing and analytical chemistry of precious metals;
  • to fulfil other tasks according to the Hallmarking Act or other special regulations.

The Assay Office represents the Czech Republic in the Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals.

It has been charged with leading the subgroup of precious metals within the Czech standardization of non-metallic materials.

Internet & AO:

At present, you can request information, download forms to use for communicating with AO and register & apply for a manufacturer's mark (by for now).