Identification (Maker‘s, responsibility) marks


Identification (Maker‘s, responsibility marks) in context of other marks on jewels

Hallmark is the mark which is punched to the item by person (institution) independent on manufacturer or merchant. This mark guarantee the good has a declared fineness. In case of the Czech republic this person (institution) is The Assay Office. In countries where is not the hallmarking system usualy determine the fineness of at least the fact is possible by the characteristic mark find the manufacturer or merchant which supplies the goods. These marks are called Maker‘s respectively responsibility, common name for both type is identification (ID). Similary is usedfor determine the origin of goods also in countries where it is hallmarking. Czech Hallmarks represent besides basic information the fact that the hallmarked item has been checked and found to be correct about the fineness, also information about a used metal his fineness and the period when the hallmark was embossed. All these informations can be identify from the type of hallmark. In the case of current hallmarks, it is also possible to identify from the inluded letter the workplace that the control and marking carried. Is almost the rule that is another mark on the goods, the fineness number. It is used to fast orientation of layman's about a fineness of used material. The fineness number is from the marks on goods an easier, punch tool with similar mark can produce a lot of engravers (the fineness nuber is also cast on the goods) therefore sometimes occure also on goods which can not be a hallmarked – for example on imitation of jewellery maked from common metal. Therefore alone does not provide information about the product.

Characteristic of identification (Maker‘s, responsibility) marks

Identification marks are currently part of jewellery marking in the Czech republic, except for exceptions. They helps find the author or the origin of product. Marking of these marks to products is ensured by the manufacturer or importer himself. In the Czech republic almost always the identification marks are marked with two or three letters, often initials of the tradesman. In case of the same initials, the marks are distinguished by different contours, different types of letter and several forms of separating marks. Practically all of identification marks in Czech republic are the marks of this types. These are clearly characterized by general chart (czech only) where the TYPE of mark (roman numbering) are different by contour while the GROUP of mark is given by the font and by the separating mark between the lettters. Note: we use two types of the fonts, the footed is in odd groups (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) and the standard nonfooted in even (2, 4, 6, 8). For the responsibility marks (import) are reserved two contour shapes, types VIII and IX, the other types are used for Maker’s marks. Mark which can be included in a table of mark types and groups can be found here on our website after writening combinations of letters or (when some letter is unreadable) even with incomplete combination replaced by a spare character “*“. You can also write a small letters, the search engine do not distinguish the size of letters. After click to „Hledej = search“ button the search engine provides a list of companies which are match with combination in your query and after click to the name of company from the list will display the mark. Besides the marks, which can be inluded in table and so find them by this procedure exist a few atypical marks. These must be view separately in the list which wil display by click here (czech only).

Difference between the list of companies included in the Goldsmiths and Companies list and companies in the overall list of identification marks

A list of the Goldsmiths, which can also display the identification marks, is published in appropriate tab of our website. It include only exist companies so you can not find companies which are defunct or with interrupted aktivity. This is different from a search engine of companies by the marks in which are these companies included. Because a customer can sometime encounter goods marked by mark of the cancelled company and while the company not exist anymore, sometime exists reasons why is necessary determine the manufacturer of importer.