Summary of obligatory published informations

Summary of informations obligatory published according to the Law NO. 106/1999 Coll. and according to the government resolution No. 381 from 22. May 2013 - updates from 8. 2. 2024
1.Complete name of the liable entity:
Assay office
2.The reason and the way of establishing the liable entity, including the conditions and principles in which it operates:
The Assay Office provides state administration in the area of hallmarking and testing of precious metals. It is established by the Law No. 19/1993Coll., about the state administration bodies of the Czech Republic in the area of hallmarking and testing of precious metals.
3.Description of the organizational structure of the liable entity:

Informations are on the AO’s web, in section Organizational Chart

List of Leaders including contact:

Chairman Ing. Jana Davídková 225 982 101
director of  the Hallmark inspection dept. Mgr. Josef Šťastný 225 982 102
director of Morava and West Bohemia dept. Mgr. Roman Kopečný 225 982 105
4.Contact address, phone, fax, e - mail, data box:
Informations are on the AO’s web, in section Contacts
Data box ID: 3umaayk
5.Bank account for payments from the public:
ČNB (Czech National Bank), pob. Praha, č.ú.: 19-2728011/0710
6.Organization ID (IČ):
7.Tax ID:
AO is not VAT payer
8.The data of the approved and adjusted budget and published statements for the past year:
Informations are on the AO’s web, in section Budget info (czech version only).
9.Place and method of obtaining the relevant information:
  • Request by phone (phone numbers are on the AO’s website in section Contacts),
  • written request (Assay Office, Kozí 4, 110 00 Praha 1, or mail room),
  • request by data box (ID: 3umaayk),
  • electronic request ().
10.Where is possible submit a request or a claim, incentive or other solicitation or get a decision:
  • mail room / secretariat of AO (Mon, Wed 7:30 - 16:00, Tue, Thu 7:30 - 15:30 hod., Fri 7:30 - 14:00),
  • data box of AO (3umaayk),
  • electronic mail room of AO ()
11.Place, time and method of appeal against decision liable entity according § 15 the Law NO. 106/1999 Coll.:

Against the decision of Assay Office of refuse of the request can be appeal in term 15 days after delivery of decision (or from the expiry deadline for processing the request). The appeal is filed with the Office and The Ministry of Industry and Trade decides to 15 days from submission of appeal by the Office. If the Ministry of Industry and Trade does not take a decision in this time limit it shall be deemed to have issued the decision rejecting the appeal and confirming the decision of the Office; the day of delivery of this decision shall be deemed the day after expiry of the time limit for handling the appeal.

Against the decision of appeal is not possible appeal. Decision about rejection of request is reviewable by Court according the law no. 150/2002 Coll., Courts Administrative Code.

An appeal can be filed:

  1. verbally or in writting at the addres: Assay Office, Kozí 4, 110 00 Praha 1;
  2. by the electronic form signed by a guaranteed electronic signature;
  3. by other technical means (telefax, electronically without a guaranteed electronic signature), if it will be completed within 5 days according letter a) or b).
12.The name of the relevant form and the way and place where such a form can be obtained
Forms are on the AO’s website in section Forms.
13.Description of procedures (instructions for solving the life situation):
Informations are on the AO’s website in section FAQ.
14.Review of the most important regulations according to which the liable entity acts in particular and decides which stipulate the right to request information and which governs other citizens' rights in relation to the liable entity, including information where and when these provisions are provided for inspection:
  • Law No. 539/1992Coll., about hallmarking and testing of precious metals (Hallmarking Act) as amended (No. 19/1993 Coll., 127/2003 Coll., 157/2006 Coll., A 227/2009 Coll.);
  • Law No. 19/1993Coll., about the state administration bodies of the Czech Republic in the area of hallmarking and testing of precious metals as amended by Act No. 309/2002 Coll .;
  • Decree No. 53/1993 Coll., Which stipulates the amount of hallmark fees and the method of their payment, as amended by Decree 364/2003 Coll .;
  • Decree No. 363/2003 Coll., Which implements the Hallmarking Act;
  • Act No. 500/2004 Coll., The Administrative Code.

These and follow-up regulations are on the AO’s website in section Legislation.

15.Price list for providing information:

Pricelist of payments of costs incurred in connection with the providing of information pursuant to Act No. 106/1999 Coll., On Free Access to Information:

Operation CZK/page
Print or copy one-sided A4 black and white1,50
Print or copy two-sided A4 black and white2,00
Print or copy one-sided A3 black and white2,50
Print or copy two-sided A3 black and white3,50
Print or copy one-sided A4 colour30,00
Print or copy one-sided A3 colour44,00
1 pc blank diskette approxycca. 15,00 - based on actual costs
1 pc blank CD approxcca. 35,00 - based on actual costs
Postage and packingaccording to the current price list of postal services
Every started half-hour of work100 Kč

If the payment for information provided to one applicant does not exceed CZK 50, it can be provided free of charge.

16.Internal Anti-Corruption Program of the Assay Office

The program is prepared on the basis of Government Resolution No. 39 of January 16, 2013, approving the document From Corruption to Integrity - Government Strategy for Combating Corruption for the Periods of 2013 and 2014, as amended by the Government Resolution of 2 October 2013 No 752, and Government Resolution No. 851 of 13 November 2013. The objective of the anti-corruption program is to eliminate or to the maximum extent to limit the prerequisites for the occurrence of corruption in the PIO. Detailed information on the fight against corruption can be found at

Your suspicions of corruption related to the Assay Office's activity can be reported to an anti-corruption email .

Related document: Anti-corruption program of AO and Etical Code of the official (czech only)

17.Mailbox for the reporting of an offense by a service office

According § 205 (d) of the Civil Service Act no. 234/2014 and in accordance with Government Decree no. 145/2015 on measures relating to the reporting of suspicions of committing an offense at a service office, an investigator is established to receive and investigate the notification. The investigator only deals with the unlawful conduct of the staff of the Assay Office.

The position of the AO investigator fulfills the provisions of the service body Ing. Jolana Novotná.

The notice can be submitted in paper form to the address Investigator, Assay Office, Kozí 4, 110 00 Praha 1. Furthermore, the notification can be submitted in the receiving box, which is marked "Notification of Suspected Infringement within the meaning of Government Decision No. 145 / 2015 Coll. "And is located on the door on the left side of the main building of the Assay Office, Kozí 4, 110 00 Praha 1.

The notification can also be sent via e-mail to . This address is not used for submitting submissions, queries, suggestions for inspection, etc., to which the eMail room is assigned. The contents of the mailbox and notification emails will be checked and selected each working day.

18.Annual reports for at least the previous two calendar years on the entity's activity in the area of information provision:
Informations are on the AO’s web, in section Zprávy z úřadu / Výroční zprávy (czech version only).
19.List of all budgetary, contributory, established, managed and other organizations that are established or regularly linked to the budget of the liable entity:
The AO has no relation with any organization.
20.Advisory bodies and working teams established by the President of the AO:
Summary here (czech only)
21.Consultants, analysts paying from public funds:
Do not work for the AO.
22.Consulting and other external companies acting on a base of mandate contract:
Do not work for the AO.
23.Advocates and law firms:
Summary here (czech only).
24.Sale or lease of property of the Assay Office:
Summary here (czech only).