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Provided services

1.Verification and marking of Goods (Jewelry), Product Verification (Investment Ingots, Medals, etc.)
Pricelist - Contacts - Form
2.Analysis and melting
Pricelist - Contacts - Form
  • Qualitative detection of metals
  • Approximate determination of the fineness of precious metal alloys
  • Chemical analysis of materials containing the precious metals
  • Melting of materials from precious metals to ingots
  • Accredited testing laboratory
3.Sale of acids
Forms(czech only) + Sales places (Praha, Brno, Ostrava, Jablonec n/N, Turnov, Č.Kostelec) Safety cards of acids (czech only)
4.Sale of printed matter
Valid legislation in the field of hallmarking  (1 pcs/25 CZK)
List of the Hallmarks(1 pcs/25 CZK
Blue card – Hallmark(1 pcs/25 CZK)
5.Registration of entities
Forms -
6.Expert and opinions
7.Commission of Valuables - Auctions
+ official message board
8.Expert activities
normalization in precious metals – ISO (WG1, TC 174) and CEN (TC 283)
9.International aktivities
  • Valuation of jewellery
  • Gemology (gemstones)
  • Workshop about Hallmarking
  • Workshop of testing on the touchstone