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110 00 Praha 1
entry & issue: 225 982 271
auto exchange: 225 982 111
 Česká verze 28.2.2020

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Application Forms

We provide our forms in English version for information purposes only. The Assay Office can only accept Czech forms as valid.
13. Registration of Precious Metals Business   registrace EN_v2.pdf (88kB)
14. Amendment to Regist. of Prec. Metals Business   zmena registrace En_v2.pdf (747kB)
15. Issue of Identification Card   vystavení ident kart_zadost En_v2.pdf (91kB)
16. Appl. for Manuf. Ident. Mark Assignment   prideleni VZ En_v2.pdf (106kB)
18. Appl. for Manuf. Ident. Mark Cancellation   zrusení znacky En_v2.pdf (102kB)
19. Receipt of Goods   pz-en.pdf (37kB)
20. Receipt for Chemical Analysis   pcha-en.pdf (25kB)
21. Sale of Acids   pk-en.pdf (18kB)
22. Registered Alloys   regslt-en.pdf (40kB)
23. Agreement on On-line Inspections   e-shop-en.pdf (54kB)
24. Application for Responsibility Mark Assignment   prideleni OZ En_v2.pdf (105kB)
Download and install PDF viewer here.