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Electronic mail room

According to Government Regulation 495/2004 Coll. about electronic signature and electronic mail room and other valid legal regulations, the eMail room was established at the Assay Office.


For more simply electronic correspondence not requiring electronic signatures, it is better to use the . Branch addresses are also available, see contacts, where staff are more detail informed about local issues.

eMail room of Assay Office:

Rules of the confirmation of delivered messages:

Delivery of message is confirmed to the sender if it's posible find out the electronic address of sender from the delivered message. The message of confirmation include:

  • date and time of delivery
  • guaranteed electronic mark of AO
  • numeric ID of message assigned of eMail room
If the confirmation of the data message delivery do not come, the message was not delivered. In case the malicious code is present in the message, the message is removed from automaticall processing by eMail room and confirmation of delivery is not send.

Accepted message formats:

  • format *.txt (plain text)
  • format *.zip (compressed file)
  • format *.rtf (rich text format)
  • format *.doc (Microsoft Office Word files)
  • format *.xls (Microsoft Office Excel files)
  • format *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.tif, *.gif (graphic formatt)
  • format *.pdf (Adobe Acrobat files)

Accepted data storage devices:

  • CD
  • USB flash disk

Other parameters of receiving messages:

  • Messages with documents Microsoft Office (*.doc, *.xls) are accepted in formats compatible with MS Office 2000, MS Office XP, and MS Office 2010 and 2013.
  • Messages are accepted in electronic to only up to maximum size of 4MB.

List of AO staff who have been issued with a qualified certificate and is allowed to sign as chairman of AO:

  • Ing. Jana Davídková , Chairman of AO
  • Mgr. Josef Šťastný , Vicechairman of AO