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The Assay Office Warning Against the False Hallmarks on the Gold Articles

The Assay Office Prague warns of the upward occurance of the gold goods bearing the false hallmarks. The legal hallmarks represent the state guarantee for the genuiness of the gold jewel, i.e. the gold fineness of the item. Forgeries of the hallmarks were found mainly on the goods of foreign origin and they occurred in many stores all over the country. The goods bearing the false hallmarks are often of a lower fineness, or they may well be made of the base metal alloys, usually of bronze or brass. Therefore the purchase of such goods may cause a great financial loss for the customer.

The quality of the forgeries is so perfect, that it may be very difficult to distinguish them. Therefore it is in the customer interest to buy the gold goods at the traditional retailers, and in the case of the purchase at businessmen it is useful to know the manufacturer. If you decide to buy a jewel, dont buy it outside of the stable shops. If you have any doubts you should consult the experts, or contact directly some workplace of the Assay Office.

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The photodocumentation of the false mark. (the red contour = the contour of legal hallmark)