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AO's Warning

The Assay Office draws the laic and professional public´s attention to the fact, that it has detected and captured three pieces of bracelets having been declared and sold by fakers as gold articles. Owing to the way of manufacturing the false jewellery articles, the actual danger that other persons could be also misleaded may exist.

The bracelets, allegedly made of gold, are in fact of the base metal, but however, they have the gold bosses (points) soldered to them, and easily accessible for the performance of the usual touchstone test, while at the same time they make the testing of the bracelet´s main part (of much more mass) to be actually difficult. In addition, to the misleading of the customers there are misused the hallmarks (swan, lapwing, sometimes including the manufacturer´s mark), having been transferred from the genuine jewel of the authorized standard of fineness, and soldered into the bracelet. The contours of the hallmarks soldered into the bracelet are visible only when the detailed examination is carried out using a good magnification.

The Assay Office recommends all citizens to be very cautious when buying
a) the jewellery goods from not very reliable sources, and
b) jewellery goods of the similar shape characteristics like the false bracelet on the picture

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